Useless Analysis completed error goes nowhere

I see an exclamation point show in at the top of the scroll bar, I hover over it and it pops up this box that just says 1 error found... with no link to go to the line with the error, nothing to click to do anything...

I don't understand the point of this; it's nice to know there's an error, but... where? If I'm in a file with thousands of lines of code (or even hundreds), it can be painful to find some no-information error somewhere.

When I scroll down the file, I don't see where the error is... why is this done this way? Or how am I supposed to use it? This seems counter-intuitive.


You can hit F2 (or whatever shortcut is assigned to the Main menu | Navigate | Next Highlighted Error action in Settings | Keymap) to jump to the piece of code where the error occurs


Thanks, but I wish this was apparent in the error box :/


I'm not seeing a way to search for already-created issues there...


This is a link for submitting your own issue report.

In order to search for an existing issue, please follow:


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