Pass arguments to preview webbrowser

I've build a webpage (+JS).

The page requires parameters to run properly

e.g. http://localhost:5555/test,html?g=123123

(g=123123 is the param).

When I open the Webstorm-preview, it's always the blank page without any arguments (except the authorization in _ijt)

Where can I specify my parameters?



You can't pass parameters when opening file in browser using  browser icon in editor upper right corner, but you can specify them in the JavaScript Debug run configuration and then use either Run or Debug acrions to open your page


Hmmm... Is there a way to tell WebStorm NOT to convert the arguments string?

In the Javascript Debug I specified  ?g={123}

and it's converted to g=%7B123%7D

(see attached pic)


According to RFC 1738, curly braces are illegal in URLs, so they are auto-escaped...


Good to know. Thanks!!! (we will change that)


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