UnicodeEncodeError while installing Python packagig tools

I am trying to create a new vrtual environment for a new project on Windows 10. I am using Python 3.6.5. Trying to create a new virtual environment via the PyCharm Settings is giving me the following error https://pastebin.com/7EcSpGUZ

Creating a new virtual environment via virtualenv module in PowerShell gives me no errors, but trying to point PyCharm to interpreter created this way gives the same error. Couldn't find any clues except that it might be connected to my environmental variables. Setting PYTHONIOENCODING to utf-8 didn't help.


Any way to amend this issue?

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Hi Konrad,

What is the name of your project? Do you have unicode characters in the path to your project? 

Can you please try to create a new project in another directory making sure there's no unicode characters in project name or path to the project/python interpreter.

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Hi Andrey,


It finishes successfully, but I tested it after the issue was already resolved.

I did not check, what specifically helped. I have undertaken the following steps:

1. Install python 3.7

2. Remove paths to my python 2.7 and python 3.6.5 folders from PATH in Windows Environmental Variables

It seems to work right now, but I cannot say, what did the job.


Thanks for the response!

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Ok, the important thing is that it's working.


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