Autoupload doesn't work immediately when file changed(bundled from Webpack)

I use Webpack with webpack-cli. 

When i change source code, start bundling and inject bundled file to specific directory.

But autoupload doesn't work at that time.

when i leave and come in to PhpStorm, autoupload work well.


How automatically upload changed file? 

(sorry for my stupid english)




I change the way that use custom webpack-cli to phpStorm fileWatcher with project webpack.config.js file.

But i got error


Module build failed (from ./node_modules/babel-loader/lib/index.js):
Error: Cannot find module '@babel/preset-env' from '/Applications/'


I think phpStorm has own root directory.

But i want to use my project's dependencies.


How can i config?


Thank you 

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How automatically upload changed file?

PhpStorm is not scanning for changes constantly, here's how force the file system to refresh:

  1. Switch between app (as you did before)
  2. Move focus from an Editor tab
  3. File | Synchronize

As for the webpack issue, I am moving this thread to WebStorm as they usually deal with this kind of problems.

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>I think phpStorm has own root directory.

looks like a problem with the specified working directory. What does your file watcher look like? Please attach a screenshot of you settings (make sure that Working directory and Environment variables fields arfe visible)


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