Latest version really slow?

Running latest version, 2018.3.5 and is updated and it really seems to bog down.  Load a project and after it returns, the run menu is blank for up to ten seconds and I can't run a program.  Do an "edit configuration", click apply, and go to run menu and again, the menu options aren't there.  Open menu again and my run options are there but it takes some seconds to do this.

My machine is unchanged (I think :-) except for the latest version of pycharm.  Anyone else noticing this?


The run menu is populated with the automatically created run configuration only after the initial indexing is finished, and that takes some time, depending on the type of your project (Anaconda with lots and lots of libraries can take longer, for example).

So far seems like a normal behavior. Do you experience this when you create a project, or every time when you re-open the current project you're working on?


Looks like it was just upon the re-opening of the projects.  I had been iterating through several dozen projects and it seemed like it was just the one-off indexing.  Subsequent openings were ok.  Thanks.


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