Reducing initial load time for PHPStorm

Hi all,

Regarding slow initial PHPStorm startup in Windows (date: 10/03/2019):

Could I suggest the solution is added to Windows install readme file or something readily available as it makes a big difference to user experience.


Splash screen takes 20-30 seconds to even load... making you think you haven't double-clicked the program properly and sometimes do it again!

Total program load time: 45 seconds.

Subsequent restarts are much faster (10-15 secs)


Add the JetBrains folder to Defender exclusions


Now, PHPStorm loads in 15 seconds from a fresh boot which is perfectly acceptable.

Happy days!


Extra info:

PHPStorm 2018.3.5

New Windows 10 install with Lenovo P50 32GB


I was just about to post this issue when I noticed yours. I don't understand this.. It wasn't that long ago this wasn't an issue and for me I know it took less than 10 seconds for the splash screen to appear, its now 25 seconds and that's before loading the actual project.

Do you know why this is suddenly a problem?



Hi, I have no idea why there has been a change.  I'm new to PHPStorm and just noticed the initial startup time was unacceptably high (before splash screen).

Once I knew it was likely to be defender, I excluded it and all is fine.

If you have experienced a change, then perhaps Defender has changed and is now using new longer algorithms to check the executable?

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We were investigating this in The issues seems to be caused by PhpStorm trying to access & load system fonts (typically located in Windows directory). We're planning to redesign this by trying to move the action after the splash screen appear.

You might want to share your findings in comments to



I am using Linux and boot PHPStorm from my main SSD. I takes around 22 seconds. For a proprietary software, this is poor. Since I'm paying, I don't really want to browse through issue reports, I just want it to work. In comparison: Visual Studio Code, a free software, takes around 2 seconds.


We're working on improving the situation.


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