Open File or Project is really slow

When using the "open File or Project" dialog window, it loads the last used directory for 10-30 seconds. This is really annoying. The process is still responding if i check the task manager

Software: Phpstorm 2018.3.5.

PC specs: c: drive is 2x 850 evos in raid 0, 16 gb ram, i5-6660k @3.5ghz.

Gif example



Any ideas what this can be?


Do you have antiviruses? If you do - try disabling them or adding PhpStorm installation directory to its exclusions. 

No other suggestions currently other than that. 

You can also submit this at for a closer look.

If you do this please:

1) attach logs after you've reproduced the issue (Help > Show log in ...)

2) capture a CPU snapshot while reproducing the issue. Here's an article about this:




Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the quick response.

After I disabled Windows Defender (Which i thought i had already done) it was working fluently. Also now my file-related console commands also run faster. So If you have Windows 10, make sure you tell it that PhPstorm should be excluded.


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