Open File or Project is really slow

When using the "open File or Project" dialog window, it loads the last used directory for 10-30 seconds. This is really annoying. The process is still responding if i check the task manager

Software: Phpstorm 2018.3.5.

PC specs: c: drive is 2x 850 evos in raid 0, 16 gb ram, i5-6660k @3.5ghz.

Gif example



Any ideas what this can be?


Hi again! 
The new file chooser works very well. 
For other users who have problems with the activation of this feature: 
go to menu 
help > edit custom properties 
and add to file

i had the same annoying problem and finally fixed it.
My system:
- Android Studio 2022.2.1 patch 2
- Windows 11 prof

- a few disconnected network shares to NAS

- antivirus: eset internet security

i used nirsoft procmon to figure out whats going on.
After pressing file->open, there was an INTENSE data-exchange from studio64.exe with and
I blocked both in hosts (,
After new windows login everything was fine...

I don't use any microsoft-news features and im logged in as local admin, not via ms-account.


I have this problem at my office. Since i work at a financial institution we are not allowed to disable any antivirus or do any changes to the computers which require root privileges.

The way i slove it is that i create a new project from existing sources every time i need to open a project. I think this is a bug though, and it should be fixed, but JB seems to not prioritize it?


Jakob Stengard, have you tried switching to the new file chooser? Zdziejowski described how to enable it above in the thread.


Still happen with 2023.* software.  Any update? I don't want to remove the mapped network drive every time I use pycharm as a workaround!


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