PHPStorm needs a snippet panel to drag and drop them into a project



I wanted to show you what I use from another software which is absolutely brilliant to have:


It is a simple left panel where you can create categories and add your snippets into it, a lot better than the live templates.


Many times devs find themselves looking for something but cannot remember the names for it. While live templates oblige you to remember keywords, this left panel helps you find right away what you are looking for.


A superb feature for PHP storm to have and I have no idea why it is not in it!


I could not work out how to open a new feature discussion on the jetbrain website, you are welcome to take this picture and open a new thread to request this feature if you want.


Honestly it is one of the best tool I have ever had from an IDE.

It is really wonderful to have this accessible from the left of right side of your IDE at all time.



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