Can PhpStorm take .htaccess files into account?

To access to a page in a project opened in PhpStorm in my local environment, I need to acces

http://[ur]/[[filename] instead http://[ur]/  (which I usually use)

This means that PhpStorm is not taking my .htaccess file into account. Is there a way that PhpStorm can take .htaccess into account.

Here I am talking about directory "DirectoryIndex", but the same goes for "ErrorDocument" and more stuff that can be contained in .htaccess files.

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If you're using built-in web server: no. PhpStorm isn't using htaccess config for the built-in web server:

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I understand not using .htaccess since it's an Apache thing, but alternativelly, I'd like to know if there is some configuration to fullfill the same functionnalities ... mainly as DirectoryIndex and ErrorDocument

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There isn't unfortunately. Built-in server is quite limited in it's features: it's designed for quick tests. 

It seems like you're about to replicate a live environment: it's advised to have a full web server locally instead.


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