Can I change the root folder of my PhpStorm project?

Here is how I usually structure my projects in other IDEs in file system:

[Project folder]

> [Project IDE specific folder] (would be .idea in this case)

> [WWW]

And  where I access my project through a browser using , in exmaple: http://localhost:[port]/  ... I expect this to point to [WWW], no to parent directory [Project folder]

Is there a way to structure things this way in PhpStorm?

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You're probably using built-in web server (port ~64342). In that case that not possible.

Please switch to a full web server (e.g. Apache/Xampp/MAMP) to get the desired behavior.

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Thank you, yes, I can use Wamp/Xampp/IIS (hm, no I wouldn't go with IIS for this) ... I don't know MAMP yet, looks interesting from a first look.

Though, the reason I'm trying PhpStorm is that I was hoping that they had come with some more robust and simple debugging solution, as when debugging web application in Visual Studio, which is just one click right out of the box.

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That's unfortunately a limitation of our built-in web server :(


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