Can't find server launcher in RubyMine.


I see "Error running '<configuratiuon> Rails server launcher wasn't found in project" when I try to start my server. My Cucumber configurations work just fine. I have already attempted the solutions and and

This is RM 2018.3.5 for Linux, and Rails 5.2.2, Ruby 2.6.1p33 for x86_64-bit Linux.

To the extent my interface is the same, I believe I have the same relevant project settings (SDK) for the configurations that use Rails that work (i.e., Cucumber), as I do for this one. `which rails` reports "/home/derrell/.rbenv/shims/rails" (which another answer suggests is correct).

If there's further information I can supply, let me know.





could you please specify whether the project in question has been created in RubyMine or outside of it? Does it help in case you remove .idea folder from the project's root?


That appears to have done that. I had done that previously, and it was this problem that remained. 

Any idea why this works? I can't locate any obvious differences in any of the files.




One of the possible reasons is files' corruption.


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