webstorm's javascript syntax highlighting in pycharm pro


Is there any way to get webstorm's javascript syntax highlighting in pycharm pro? I read that webstorm was bundled in pycharm pro. Please advise, thanks!


Current highlighting in pycharm pro (material dark but same as other themes such as darcula)

Screenshot of current settings in pycharm pro. The sample highlighting is what I am aiming for.


Here is a similar snippet in webstorm. Is there a way to reproduce this highlighting for pycharm pro?

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JavaScript highlighting should be the same in both IDEs. From your screenshots I can see that you are using Material Theme UI plugin - did you try disabling it in both IDEs, choose the same editor color scheme there (Default or Darcula, for example) and check the results?


BTW, can't see much difference in colors in your last 2 screenshots... In WebStorm, most of vars/properties in scratch file seem to be highlighted as unused - is it a highlighting you are looking for?

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Hi, thanks for your response. Yes I am looking for the same syntax highlighting in both, but some variables and methods are not highlighted in pycharm. The same scratch file is in both. I have disabled all theme plugins for the follow examples.

Webstorm highlighting

pycharm highlighting for javascript


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Looks as if advanced syntax highlighting is disabled for your file in Pycharm (note 'off' mark in the editor upper right corner). Do you have Power Save Mode (File | Power Save Mode) enabled? Also, click the Hector icon in lower right corner - what highlighting level is chosen there?

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Thank you!! The syntax was disabled! This was a new install of pycharm on ubuntu so I'm not sure what I did to disable the syntax.

Thanks again!


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