Remote file path is a changing alias


I'm using a deployment scheme where each version is a different folder with the date in it; the web server root being a symlink to one of these folders.


When I'm trying to debug, the "file path on server" used by PHPStorm is the actual folder (the one with the date in it), which is constantly changing.


is there a way around that, so I don't have to reconfigure mapping on each deployment?


Thanks in advance





Hi there,


Xdebug (PHP) reports final (resolved) path to IDE in first place. You can collect and check Xdebug log to see what paths it uses.


Thanks for your answer.

Maybe it would be feature request to allow let's say a wildcard in the IDE mapping? Because it's many-to-one mapping, many pathes on the server map to a one mapping in the project.


Feel free to file Feature Request ticket at the Issue Tracker (but check for any existing tickets first)


Did this go anywhere?
I have the same issue, constantly changing the remote location on path mapping. 

Imagine a team deploying something non stop.


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