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At the bottom of update plugin in the web interface, there's "Determine supported products by dependencies in plugin.xml"

I don't know what exactly I have to do. Basically, I developed a plugin which can be used in any IntelliJ variant. But in my build.gradle I had to configure specifically an Android Studio build:

intellij {
version '2018.2'
alternativeIdePath '/Applications/Android'

Because (IIRC) otherwise it wouldn't run on Android Studio.

I assume that, because of this, the plugin will not work properly on the other IntelliJ platforms? Or does that not matter? If it doesn't work, how can I make it work?

Note also that I'm uploading the plugin manually via webinterface (the .jar from build/lib), because authentication for gradle publishPlugin didn't work, though I followed the steps described in the docs. Though this should be probably opened in a separate issue.


Alexandr Evstigneev

Not exactly.

This configuration just says to run plugin in your android studio. 

Dependencies are detected by <depends> ...</depends> values in your plugin.xml

Your plugin will be compatible with different IDES if it depends only on <depends>com.intellij.modules.lang</depends>

Additional dependencies may restrict compatibility. 


Also I have no problems publishing plugin with gradle. But I still using username/password for this.


Please open an issue in IJSDK YouTrack for publishing problem and attach full build script and logs/error messages.



I'll open a separate issue soon for the authentication issue.


I just was told (and confirmed) that my plugin doesn't show up in the IntelliJ market place (it appears in Android Studio). What's missing? Does the plugin need additional configuration to appear there, do we need to look in a specific repository?

Here's the homepage:

it says that it's compatible with IntelliJ.


In which IDE build doesn't your plugin show up? It's set that this plugin is compatible with builds 182.* (2018.2 - 2018.2.7) and it can be found in the IntelliJ repository in these versions of IDE.


@Lidiya Chernigovskaya

I read somewhere that I had to use the IntelliJ version on which the current Android Studio version is based on. Which would be 2018.2

Is this correct? If yes, does this mean that I can never have a plugin compatible both Android Studio and the newest IntelliJ version (unless they happen to match)? Or am I missing a setting to cover multiple versions?




You can extend the range of compatible versions so that the plugin will compatible with the newest IntelliJ version and current Android Studio version. Or if you'd like to your plugin will compatible with specific versions of AS and IntelliJ you should have different updates for each one. You can see Kotlin plugin as an example. 


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