PyCharmCE custom skeleton is ignored by the skeleton generator, auto-generator creates one instead

I have a pyd lib created by boost::python (e.g name: MyLib.pyd) and I've added custom skeletons to it to allow better autocompletion. To do that I've generated a .py file for each class and added an to my C:\Users\myuser\.PyCharmCE2018.3\config\python-skeletons\MyLib folder ( the MyLib.pyd is located at the site-packages folder of my python interpreter). When refreshing skeletons, the skeletons for MyLib are automatically generated by PyCharm instead of actually using my custom skeletons. When I manually copy the custom skeletons to the generated folder and replace the automatically generated skeletons everything works fine but I need it to be automatic. 
Is there some specific linking I have to do between the pyd and the skeleton directory? (I assumed it was a by-name comparison)

Python interpreter - Anaconda 2.5 32bit, Python 3.5.1 
PyCharmCE version - PyCharmCE2018.3.2


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I suspect PyCharm just doesn't expect there would be any manually created skeletons. I would suggest to submit it as a feature request to , providing a detailed description of what you're trying to do with examples and code snippets.


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