Prettier integration by ESlint rules

Hi, I have a question.  I created the rules in ESlint, how can I make Prettier format the code according to the rules specified in ESlint.

after saving, Prettier automatically formats the code.

I want to use Prettier and ESlint. without using .prettierrc.js -> singleQuote: true,. in order for Prettier to format the file according to the ESlint rules, before saving, Prettier takes the rules specified in eslintrc.js and formats the code
How can i do this

In VSCode User Settings, set "prettier.eslintIntegration": true

what about webstorm


I'm afraid it won't solve my problem.


But this is what VSCode is using when prettier.eslintIntegration is enabled:


Why are people talking about vsCode this is IntelliJidea


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