Compilation error navigation

Is it possible to add support to the WebStorm to be able to click on an error from the compilation and navigate to the piece of offending code? This is a great feature in Visual Studio Code.


what compilation errors are meant? this definitely works for the errors reported by the built-in compiler service. But compilers/linters/etc. incorporated in different bundlers, like webpack, produce their outputs in different formats (depending on the loaders being used, thier versions, etc.), there is no generic solution that would work in all possible cases


I am compiling the Angular application with the ng-cli from the Terminal. Is there a better way to do it?


Terminal doesn't support clickable stack traces -

The easiest way to run npm scripts in the IDE is using gutter icons in package.json: open it in editor and click the green arrow near the desired script. See, Run icons for npm task

You can also start scripts from NPM tool window, or create NPM configurations manually in Run | Edit configurations..

But unfortunately NPM console doesn't yet support parsing webpack ts-loader output, see


It has been reported for ~1.5 years now. What is the priority? If it is not done by April (my next renewal), then I will just switch to VS Code.


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