Create Command Line Launcher is not available in Mac OSX for web storm 2019

When I downgrade back to version 2018, I can see the option again in TOOLS> Create Command Line Launcher


did you install it through toolbox? The Create Command-line Launcher... action is no longer available when the IDE is installed by Toolbox or Snap (the script hard-codes the installation path which changes with every update)
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Yeah I use the toolbox. Hmm looks I have to stay with 2018 for now, I have lots of projects & I switch around with toolbox & command line with this.

Thanks Elena, for the quick response,


Hope it gets fixed later


Current state of things: the old create command line launcher was removed from the Tools menu and now exists in the Toolbox App however that feature is currently broken. 

If it did work this is how you set it up.

Turn on Toolbox -> Settings -> Generate Shell Scripts

Set the "Shell Scripts Location"


Open previously created shell script in text editor and manually update RUN_PATH, CONFIG_PATH, SYSTEM_PATH to the latest app location


The clean installation on my backup MacBook Air does work, but the old one on my MacBook Pro does not. When I try to open PhpStorm from the terminal via "pstorm ." I get The file /Applications/ does not exist.

No Idea why the newest Toolbox is not able to fix that. The content of the pstorm file on the MacBook Air provides a completely different application path.


Ok, I found out, that the installation on the MacBook Pro named the script phpstorm now. So only the known pstorm is invalid, phpstorm opens the IDE fine.


Had to find the file inside of /Toolbox and then write an alias to call the script. Seems like the script is not set as an alias for mac os.


10/2019 and it is still not possible a run e.g. WebStorm via cmdline... (Mac 10.14.6 + WS 2019.2)


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