Recent PyCharm and IntelliJ updates triggered Acronis ransomware protection warning

I have sent a note to Acronis about this false positive warning (which detects some 414 affected files in IntelliJ, somewhat fewer in PyCharm). It's a minor nuisance to bypass the warnings, but perhaps -- if someone fron JetBrains is monitoring these posts -- it would be best if someone from JetBrains development communicated directly with Acronis about the warning.



It would be helpful if you provide a list of detected files. A report from Acronis scan perhaps?


I'm having a little trouble spotting the files in the log file, and i'm working against a deadline at the moment. Is there a way to attach the relevant log file to posts here?


In that case it would be better if you report directly to our issue tracker:

... providing AV log and a detailed issue description there.


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