Autocomplete and autoclose HTML tag without typing "<" at the beginning

So... I used Atom to this date and I wanted to try out phpstorm and I have an issue with HTML tags.

If you want to auto complete HTML tag, you have to type for eg. "< d" than when autocomplete menu appears, press enter -> it autocompletes "< div" and if you want to close it, you have to type "> " and boom you have "< div >< \div >".

But in Atom you can just type "di" and it shows you that autocomplete menu and if you press enter it automatically autocompletes and autocloses it to "< div >< /div >".

Is it possible to achieve it just like in Atom? Just without the need of typing that "< " at the beginning?

Edit: I did put spaces after < because this forum deletes HTML tags, so you can't see any examples


Just wondering if you are already familiar with Live Templates feature:


For example, you may create a Live Template, name it "di" and use Autocomplete for inserting it.


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