No Ruby interpreter configured for default project, after update



2019-03-20 11:09:12,556 [ 8428] INFO - - Executing [bash -lc "/Users/xpto/.rvm/bin/rvm default do ruby -e \"ENV.each{|k,v| print %Q<#{k}=#{v}\0>}\""], working dir =[null]
2019-03-20 11:09:13,264 [ 9136] WARN - t.rvm.RvmVersionManagerHandler - Error getting rvm environment java.lang.Exception: malformed: at com.intellij.util.EnvironmentUtil.parseEnv( (

private static Map<String, String> parseEnv(String text) throws Exception {
String[] lines = text.split("\0");

return parseEnv(lines);

so when the command line is executed, the env is concatenated separated by "\0" and the code in util.jar according to github it is split by "\0" in String[] lines = text.split ("\0");
makes sense...
however when I went to look at the RubyMine util.jar I found:

String[] lines = text.split("\000");

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since you've also created an issue on our tracker ( let's continue the discussing there.


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