Terminal command "pstorm ." not opening second project on new window after 2019.1 update


After PHPStorm 2019.1 update, the pstorm . command isn't working the way it used to.

Example in terminal:


  1. /project1: pstorm .
  2. Opens PhpStorm on Project1
  3. /project2: pstorm .
  4. It focus the opened PhpStorm on Project 1


I would expect that on step 4, it would open PhpStorm on Project 2 on a new window.

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Solved it by clicking PhpStorm -> Tools -> Create Command-line launcher...

It will ask if you want to overwrite the existing one. Say yes. Quit PhpStorm.

Now phpstorm . command should work as expected.

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Thanks Lucasfbustamante This was bugging me for some time, and finding your response made it all better! :)


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