Naming a thread in PySide for a debugger


please is there any way to name a pyside QThread worker for a debugger, pretty much like
seems to name it for normal threading module approach?
PyCharm can trace into threads, however without names, it lists them as Dummy-NN (NN is an integer) in a debugger (combo box in the top left of the Debugger pane)... so it is not exactly easy to debug e.g. which thread didn't finish in time. Named threads would be certainly much easier.

Alternatively, a possible workaround for PyCharm devs... perhaps some custom private property added to QThread pyside object with a name might resolve this?

class MyWorker(QtCore.QThread):
  def __init__(self):
    self.__PCHthreadName="Name of the thread..."  <<<some member with a really exotic name not generally used...


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Hi Stepan, 

I would suggest to post this directly to our issue tracker as a feature request, providing screenshots and detailed description.


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