[HELP] Point RubyMine to the correct function to use in the future



I'm using RubyMine on a fairly large project, around 3100 ruby files.

We are also using Thor for example. And so when I'm declaring something like,


    desc "list WHATEVER", "Description"


...fails with incorrect number of parameters to use. Because it happens to be that `desc` is also a part of a different module that defines it with one parameter. How can I define the right method for RubyMine to pick up and use in the future regarding a single file or several files or a certain method? Is there a way for that?

Also, obviously open declaration is opening the wrong method.


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Hello Gergely,

could you please specify your RubyMine version? Is it on the last 2019.1 RC as well? If so then a project sample would be great.

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You know there are two interesting things here.


1: My version was 2018.3. :O Which is an older version but even if I say, update, it says it's the latest. I didn't even check that there is a new version, I'm downloading it now.

2: Also, I realised that it was loading that function because the other function was in vendor, which I'm ignoring. /facepalm. :D

So I consider this solved. :)


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Ah, good to know that, thanks for writing about it!


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