Hint Blacklist is ignored in tsx files?

I have a freshly installed vanilla Webstorm.


I use React with Typescript, hence the tsx files.


In my tsx files the Hints are not blacklistet, e.g. "setValue" shows a "value:" hint in the tsx files (works fine in regular ts files).


This definitely works in .tsx. Did you try hiding the hint using Disable hints for method xxx right-click menu action?


Hmm..the default wildcards blacklist does not seem to work. 

E.g. when I manually add Array.map(... then it is blacklisted, but the default *.map(*) does not seem to work.

Could this be?


default filters work equally well for me in both .ts and .tsx files. Please share a code snippet (self-containing) that can be used to recreate the issue


I am sorry. You are so right.

The .map and .setState methods I tested had an optional callback parameter. And one seems to have to add a wildcard for each parameter.
So e.g. the blacklist wildcard *.set*(*,*) works for Reacts setState().
Thank you!

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