Refactor/Move attempts to moves files instead of functions

I'm trying to move a simple static function that is called from a lot of places, from 1 file & class into another file & class. 

Right now when I do the interface I get is about moving the whole class and some random data. Not the specific static function. 

Here is a picture:


WebStorm 2018.2.7
Build #WS-182.5107.43, built on November 27, 2018
macOS 10.13.6

Copy is also doing the same behaviour. Rename is working correctly. 


Just tried inside a typescript file without a class or method, and I was able to move pure functions. But not static functions inside a class or module. 


Moving methods is not currently supported, please follow for updates


Thank you. Is there any cool hacks or tricks I can use to help refactor my code in the meantime? 


I'm not aware of any:(


A coworker is using the version 2017.3

and it seems this feature is working on there:


Do you recommend me to download that version? Can I use 2 separate versions of Webstorm while working on the same repo?


This feature was enabled for static methods in 2017.3, but didn't always work as expected ( and has been removed


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