Import Code Style settings from JSON file

Before I started mucking with my JavaScript Code Style settings, I decided to export the settings to a JSON file through the Export > IntelliJ IDEA code style JSON.  After I finished mucking with the settings, I wanted to revert back to what I exported, but unfortunately, it looks like you can only import XML files?  I see some JSJC config, but that doesn't seem to import my config file properly.  So I tried simply converting the JSON file to XML, and I ended up with an error that the scheme must have a code_scheme tag, which my converted file did not.

So how do I restore my Code Style settings from this JSON file?


Export to JSON is only supposed to be used for importing in external tools - just a way to export all settings in some readable format that can later be edited/transformed/translated into something useable by other tools. e.g. Uncrustify , AStyle , JSCS etc.

WebStorm itself can't read such settings, you can only import XML produced by Export > IntellijIDEA code style XML


Oh geez, that would've been nice to know.  So you're saying I have to rebuild my settings manually...?


Yes - unless you have your previous  <schema_name>.xml files available anywhere:(


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