Solved: WebStorm selection highlight: Can I "style" this like Atom? (answer: no)


I am coming from Atom editor, and one thing I really miss is the ability to write editor plugins using CSS.

In particular, I liked that I could use CSS to style the selection highlight color.

My question: Is it possible to use CSS (either via user stylesheet or writing an IDE plugin) to style the selection (background?) highlight color WebStorm?



I can live with that. Thanks for reply/help!


Not at all:(

Unlike Atom, WebStorm is a java application... Styling Java components involves far more work than customizing a bunch of colors. Making it possible for users to do that level of customization themselves via CSS would involve even more work, and is likely to negatively affect product performance.


That makes total sense! I love how much faster WebStorm is (among many other things) when compared to all the Editors I've used! I'd prefer fast over cosmetic niceties.

The main reason why I asked, is my friend and I wrote plugin for Atom that creates a rainbow for the selection highlight:

At the time of that plugin’s inception, Atom had some limitations for making the foreground text color readable when selected ... Having the colors shift as a rainbow helped to make selected text more readable.

WebStorm does not have a readability problem and selected text is very readable (I'm using the Material Theme UI).

I just really dig rainbow colors. :D

Anyway, thanks so much for your help Elana, it's much appreciated!

Have an excellent day!


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