Integrate a new command in the generated command line launcher from plugin



I am trying to create a plugin that offers functionality from the terminal if you for instance run `datagrip command ....`. this can be done by implementing a ApplicationStarted and that works. If I run this through `/Applications/ command ...` binary it works, however if I use the command line launcher created under the tools menu, it will never include my implemented ApplicationStarter in the usage help, if a command gets executed through this command line launcher but it is not included in the usage help it will always treat it as you trying to pass a file to the command line launcher to open in the editor. 

Is there any way to get my command in the command line launcher's usage help as well? I would like my command to be available through both the original binary and the command line launcher.

Thanks in advance!


At the moment, there is no such way, sorry. Please vote/watch IDEA-131346.


Thanks for the update Roman! A shame it is not possible yet, hopefully in the near future it will become a possibility.


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