Cannot type brackets or braces in Pycharm

Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard layout.

Whenever I press AltGr+7 or Ctrl+Alt+7, nothing happens in the editor. I get an opening brace if I do it in another program. The same thing is happening for the closing brace and brackets.

I figured I had conflicting keymaps, but I checked and there is nothing configured for Ctrl+Alt+7, Ctrl+7 and Alt+7.

I am pretty confused about why it won't work.


Same in Spanish keyboard.. but in CLion 2019.1 works ¿¿??


Just installed PyCharm 2019.1 Comm Edition and have the same problem with German keyboard.

Not possible to insert any character requiring the Alt-Gr key, e.g. curly braces and square brackets which are essential for programming.



Same for me with German Keyboard.


Same problem with Scandinavian keyboard


Same for me with french keyboard


Same problem with Swiss-German keyboard, cannot write [, ], {, }


Same trouble with belgian keyboard and all AltGr combinations on PyCharm 2019.1


This is a BUG and a critical one from user perspective


I followed some age ole instruction in this ticket:

Adding "" to the bottom of the ...\bin\ file "solved" the issue for me.


@Matthias Manhertz: Thank you, that worked in my case! Would still like to see the bug fixed though.


Same problem. The fix worked though ty !

ps: FR keyboard


Worked for me using SWE keyboard. Not being able to enter { or [ is rather fundamental when coding in Python.

PS! The 2019.1 version was installed over the 2018.3.4 folder in my case so I uninstall 2018.3.4 by first install 2019.1, then copy Uninstall.exe from the 2019.1 bin folder to the 2018.3.4 folder, uninstalled 2019.1 (just in case), rebooted and installed again. Plus the fix and now it's working.


Same here.

German keyboard, Ideavim.

Workaround solved.



Same problem here, Swiss German keyboard. After installing pyCharm 2019.1Could not type any brackets and even the dash: {}[]#... quite annoying.

The workaround `` in the `` file solved it, but I was expecting an update to solve this.

If Jetbrains is flooded with support requests about this issue maybe they will release an update I guess... else thx google for being my friend and making me find this post. Thanks @Matthias for sharing the fix.


PyCharm greeted me with this today:

PyCharm 2019.1.1 is now available.
AltGr fix (for real this time)

So I guess this is settled?


Not working with  Belgium period keyboard on Win 10 1809.

Adding "" to the bottom of the ...\bin\ file "solved" the issue 

Double checked that this addition is needed to get AltGr active.


I had a same issue with Finish keyboard. I fixed that issue by going to Help and then Edit Custom Properties. It will immediately open a file where u need to put this:  , then just save it. I needed to save it with a new name. Then close pycharm and restart.


I am having the same issue with a Spanish keyboard (Windows 10)


Everyone who is affected, please try the following workaround:

It also explains the root cause and when the issue will be resolved


Same thing. Working with PyCharm 2019.1.2 downloaded today may9  and I can´t write left braces [ { with the spanish keyboard on Mac. Can do it on the english keyboard but that is a problem. Tried to change but it was already false (with ALT CMND SHIFT SLASH and then Registry). I am evaluating PyCharm for my company and this thing is a no-go.


Hi Dmitri, I am sorry for the inconvenience, we are investigating the problem with Spanish layout. Please follow the dedicated ticket for updates


For spanish keyboard the only solution for the moment is

Help->Edit custom properties




Works perfectly, thanks @Gatacapone!!!


Also works for me with Spanish keyboard. Thanks @Gatacapone!


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