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Hello community,

I'm using a Mac, and I have the Terminal bound to Cmd-T. As far as I know, there's no similar binding to bring the focus back to the editor pane.

I can:

 (1) Cmd-T again to close the terminal


 (2) Cmd-1, to bring focus to my project pane, and then Esc, to focus on the editor pane.


Am I missing something simple?


Comment actions Permalink is fixed in 2019.1.1 - hitting Esc will move focusfrom terminal to editor

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From that link, I can second this comment:

This 'Override IDE shortcuts' solution doesn't work for Mac, unless I do additionally Cmd+1 and then Esc as @Tim Bezhashvyly said. Is there a way to avoid the Cmd+1 part?

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As I wrote above, it's fixed in 2019.1.1


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