Jupyter Community Support 2019

I've been debugging a project with PyCharm Community edition that includes a Jupyter notebook. The support is mediocre but the involvement of Jupyter is likely limited so I was happy to have that serve my need for the moment.

I just upgraded to 2019 though and now the Jupyter file reads as raw! I'm assuming this is because Jupyter support is a pro-only feature, totally understand if high quality support is limited to the paid edition, but am I correct in understanding that my upgrading means I just *lost* the capacity to work with Jupyter notebooks? Is that correct? Is there any other way to get community-level editing ability for this?


I have the same issue. Looks like CE does not support Jupyter any more.


So do you mean that the new Jupyter feature is only available in the Pro version??


It's known that the feature is only available in pro. My point was even basic support was removed from the non pro version such that upgrading the CE edition here results in a loss of functionality.


An additional followup here. I had a working notebook that I was debugging in the previous PyCharm. I opened it in 2019, saw the raw json, and now the notebook is corrupted. I can't even open it in native Jupyter anymore.

Increasingly the point to me seems to be that if you are working with Jupyter in Community edition, DON'T UPGRADE TO 2019. It not only removes features, it can break your existing work!


I confirm that starting from 2019.x version, Jupyter support is now a part of Professional edition, as it was reworked from scratch and massively improved.

Sad to hear it corrupted your existing notebook. Have you tried running it through some JSON validator? 


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