How do I import a plugin DevKit project properly?


I've been trying all afternoon to import a simple theme plugin project into IntelliJ Idea 2019.1.  I created the project on one box, and it runs fine, but I can't seem to import and build it on another box.  The module is missing the "Plugin Deployment" tab, and the Build menu is missing the "Prepare Plugin Module".  If I create a new module in the project, that new module works, but I can't get the existing one to work.  Any ideas? 

The project I'm trying to import can be found at


It looks like you are not sharing .idea project data and the import doesn't use the existing .iml file, instead a new default Java module is created.

You should use the New Project option, choose Empty project template, specify this root directory of this project, when asked to add a module use Import Module option and specify the location of the existing .iml file.

See also You may consider sharing .idea directory so that you can open the existing project instead of importing it every time.


Wow, that was fast :-)

Thanks for the tip.  I don't usually check in IDE files since I don't want my configuration to conflict with someone else's, so I didn't think to do it here.  But that does indeed solve my problem.



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