No TSLint or compilation error for TypeScript .ts files in IntelliJ Idea Ultimate 2019


I am new to Typescript and also to Intellij Idea.

I have recently installed IntelliJ Ultimate 2019 version.

I have started working on a Typescript Express JS project. As I have seen from documentation Typescript debugging, compilation etc are automatically enabled for Intellij idea. But in my case nothing is working. 

I have tried to intentionally  introduced some unused function and random texts and on save no error/warnings is being thrown. There is no auto compile turned on after saving the Typescript file. 



TypeScript Language Service is enabled


TSLint is also configured


I am getting little IDE help due to this issues. 

What am I missing. 


Please make sure that you don't have Power Save Mode enabled (File | Power Save Mode)

I'd also check the highlighting level set for your files (click the Hector icon in the IDe status bar, in the lower right corner, to see it)


Thanks Elena.

I have reinstalled and deleted all the previous preferences and caches files using

Then those problems were fixed.

Just for information I had Power save mode enabled, so disabling those might would have helped.


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