Disabling Settings Sync reverts to IDE default settings

I just want to do something I've been doing for years before - sync the keybinds I have set in PHPStorm, especially those for the plugins I use across IDE's, and import them into other IDE's.

Since you decided to make cloud settings syncing mutually exclusive to having access to Import/Export options for the settings of course the first step is to disable syncing.

This is what happens when I do exactly that in PhpStorm 2019.1...

How do I export the settings now when they get reverted the moment I disable syncing!? I have absolutely no intention to manually make all the changes across IDEs.

I honestly have no willpower to deal with settings related issues in your IDEs anymore, especially after each update when randomly creeping-in issues completely cripple my productivity.

This issue (settings randomly reverting to IDE defaults) has been first reported almost two years ago and appeared in at least two dozen issue reports in the meantime but it's still not fixed.

Get your priorities straight and understand this - your settings syncing plugin is utter garbage. It's been nothing but royal pain in the grass since it's inception a couple of years ago. But in the meantime it was at least possible to manually export settings as backup and even import them into other IDEs with zero issues. Why you felt the need to reinvent the wheel is beyond me.

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100% agreed! My settings are essentially held hostage by Jetbrains Account Sync now. I have a 4k monitor in one workstation and a 1080 one in another and have to change the font sizes every time I switch between them because I seriously doubt I'll ever manage to configure everything again. I just want to disable sync and keep the dang settings.

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Tried every single advice in that linked topic.

They either didn't change anything or ended up completely corrupting my settings so I had to revert to copying back the entire backed up config folder...

This is becoming really frustrating...

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Miša Brežanac, developers aren't reading forums unfortunately. The issue you've described is reported as https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-182589. You can leave your feedback as a comment there.

There are indeed quite some issues with IDE Settings Sync plugin and we hope that bringing attention to them would speed up their resolution.


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