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Hi guys,

I cannot find a good run/debug configuration for running Quart or ASGI apps in Pycharm. Best i've got is running a standard python app configuration, but this seems to run for a short time then exit without an error or exception.

I want Pycharm to run the ASGI application asynchronously. Any help would be appreciated on finding a good run configuration.

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I was able to make a run configuration pretty easily. Instead of Script Name, I used module and typed in quart. I then added run as an argument. I then provide the module and function in an environment variable.

There is no such run configuration at the moment.

Feel free to submit a feature request about it to our issue tracker using the link https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/PY


Thank you both. I have followed Paul's suggestion and is working as expected. 


Hi guys,

Thanks for your help. I followed Paul's comments and I was almost able to setup Quart Service in Pycharm. I added quart as module name and run in parameters. Then I got the following error:
Error: Could not locate a Quart application as the QUART_APP environment variable has either not been set or provided or does not point to a valid application.
Please set it to module_name:app_name or module_name:factory_function()

I have in wsgi.py:

from quart import Quart

QUART_APP = Quart(__name__)

if __name__ == "__main__":

Please let me know if you see something missing.




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