Jest DeprecationWarning with create-react-app

I created an app with create-react-app 2.1.8.

When I add a "All Tests" Jest configuration and change nothing and run it,

the tests all pass but I get this error:

DeprecationWarning: grpc.load: Use the @grpc/proto-loader module with grpc.loadPackageDefinition instead


Any idea?


The default application created with create-react-app 2.1.8 doesn't seem to be using gRPC, and I can't recreate the issue when running "All Tests" Jest configuration. What is the result of running Jest in terminal, BTW?


In terminal it seems to run fine when I call "npm run test".


what node.js version do you use (in your Jest run configuration)? Please share a project that can be used to recreate the issue


The Webstorm config shows v10.15.3 for Node and for the Jest package ~\Documents\myProject\node_modules\react-scripts folder (v2.1.8).

When I run this config in Webstorm I get the errors.


The "npm run test" script is the default on from the react scripts.

"test": "react-scripts test",


In both configs all test pass.

It is really hard for me to tgrack down where it comes from. Any tips?



Ok. found the module causing the error. It is caused by firestore.

Thank you for your help.


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