"Move to Another Changelist" hotkey cmd+shift+m also opening man pages

In PyCharm, in the Version Control tab, if I select a file in a changelist and use the hotkey cmd+shift+m, it opens an instance of the terminal where it looks up the man pages for the command "Changelist". It then says, understandably, "No manual entry for Changelist". Because there is no command line program called "Changelist" on my computer.

It's clear there are somehow two different things tied to this hotkey sequence. For example, if I highlight a word in a random python file and do the cmd+shift+m sequence, it also does the same thing.

Does anyone know how to turn this off?


Other details:

- PyCharm 2019.1.1

- macOS 10.14.4


Screenshot of the functionality I'm using:

Screenshot of the man pages that is opened:

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JetBrains support got back to me with a solution:

Apple enabled conflicting shortcut in 10.14.4.
Please disable the Open man page in Terminal shortcut
in System Preferences | Keyboard | Shortcuts | Services.

Best regards,
Dmitriy Smirnov

It's interesting that other apps, e.g. Chrome, do not have this same problem, and in some cases have overridden the cmd+shift+m shortcut. I'm guessing this is just a choice made by PyCharm to make it less likely its hotkeys collide with the system ones.

Anyway, wanted this here as well so that others can find this via Google. 🙏

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Thank you for this, this has been bugging me for a while :)


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