Broken Angular support

After 4 months of inactivity, I decided to finish a MEAN project.

In the same project I have both Angular and Express App :

Unfortunalty, Webstorm doesn't recognize my Angular project :

  1. Can't ctrl + click on template definition to jump into it's file
  2. Material components are highlighted
  3. Can't use Angular schemantics

I have my node_modules folder excluded but @angular isn't :

Any tips are welcome !


is @angular/core listed in your package.json? Also, what IDE build do you use?


works fine for me using similar setup

Please select your Angular .html file in Project tool window and hit Ctrl+Q ( View | Quick documentation) - what docs are shown? Please provide a screenshot of this popup and your idea.log (Help | Show log in Explorer)


Here is the documentation I get on a component.html :


Here on my index.html :

And here are my logs : 

Thanks for your time!



Angular support is not available because the required plugin is not enabled; from the log:

Plugin 'AngularJS' can't be loaded because: Plugin is disabled

Please enable this plugin in Settings | Plugins


Oh... I feel ashamed ah ah! Didn't though I needed it because of its name. I didn't bother to read its description. Thank you very much for the support :)


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