Having trouble using the setup.py function

I'm really struggling with the setup.py option in PyCharm Pro - the documentation doesn't seem to go into much detail unfortunately.

I have a relatively simple project that just uses a few modules - pandas and numpy. They are within a conda environment set up using PyCharm.

I have made a requirements.txt file and also an environment.yml file. The aim is to distribute the script so that the end-user can run it without needing to manually install pandas, numpy and any other missing modules (please do correct me if this is not the correct function to do so!)

I've generated a setup.py using the PyCharm option, and gone to Tools > Run setup.py task, but I'm struggling with where to go after this. Which "task name" do I go to...?



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PyCharm just generate a template when you use "Create setup.py" option, which you then have to fill out.

The easier way for you would be to create just `requirements.txt`, and then you can install all requirements in another environments using `pip install -r requirements.txt`


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