Problem with debugger

Hello, I have a problem with pycharm debugger on a flask project. I use proffesional vs, Build #PY-191.6605.12, inside Ubuntu.

All worked well, but one week ago, without any settings change, plugins installation and no previous warning, breakpoints of pycharm stopped working.

I tried "solution" from this post:, but it does not work for me... any idea?

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Also having problems with Debug / breakpoints after a year of everything working ok. I tried the same potential fix - did not work for me on any of settings.

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There's too many possibilities why the debug might no work. For example, take a look:

So to understand your case, please provide detailed report of the issue:

- Which project interpreter are you using

- Code sample used to reproduce the issue. Ideally - minimal working project example

- Any other specifics regarding your project

- Logs collected after reproducing the issue (

You can upload files to our FTP:

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Thank you for your response, Andrey. 

My problem is related with issue:

I have the problem on a flask project with python3.7 on virtualenv. For people with this issue, with remove the exec permissions of the python script file (chmod a-x) is enough to get debugger working again.



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