Is there a way to have a parent Run/Debug configuration?



I have a setup where I have dozens of Python scripts that can each be run/debugged individually. There are quite a lot of info that needs to go into each run script, and 95% of it is the same for all scripts. I can probably use a template here, except that the configuration changes over time, meaning the configurations now each need to be manually updated or re-created from an updated template.

So really what I want is to have a parent configuration that can be updated and child configurations will automatically start using the new configuration from the parent. This way I only need to update one configuration, not dozens at a time.

Alternatively, other products have user parameters that can be configured in one place, and then used throughout the product, e.g. I can have PYTHONPATH=${MyPythonPath}. So now I can change MyPythonPath in one place and all run configurations will use the new value.

I did find user parameters, but these seem to only apply to databases.

Sorry, I'm a bit new to PyCharm, so maybe I'm missing if there is already a way to accomplish this.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

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You can make a configuration "template" or edit one of the existing templates. All *new* run configurations will inherit that value. However, changing the template won't change values in existing templates.

We do have an open ticket about supporting envfile although there is an existing plugin (mentioned on the ticket) if you want to use it.


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