Setup PyCharm to run and debug with Vagrant - Project Dependencies

I am new to Python, I am new to PyCharm, I am new to Vagrant.

My team is flexible about the IDE we use, so I can't really get help from peers. They must use Vagrant though, and run an Windows XP VM, at that.


I read all the relevant docs I could find and have it mostly setup, but I think the remaining problems are

1) I don't know how to fill out the templates it presents me with for run and debug

2) Before I reinstalled pycharm it wouldn't ask me for templates, so I guess they are new or already set automatically somehow, but it woiuld try to run and then complain about missing dependencies. 


As far as I can tell, PyCharm wants to automatically setup my dependencies and auto detect their location, but it is looking in the wrong place! The XP VM, has cygwin on it, so the paths are different (/cygdrive/c..)


Here are some of my settings so far (anything markered out in red is my project name. I don't want to make my employer mad by posting it):




Notice it says I don't have package tools, and the area (where I think 3rd party libs go) is blank

Here are some shots of my VM:


Here is how I would manually run it on the VM:

Here is what happens when I try to run it through PyCharm:

So I went back and modified the path mappings:

Now when I run it, with the __main__ file opened, I get:

Which is oh so close, but none of the graphics are showing up on the VM.

However, when I try to debug, (which is my top priority!), I get:

What to do?

Please help, I desperately want to work with a visual IDE to run and debug!

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Please try to create a new minimal project (hello world) and create a new vagrant interpreter for it with default options. Does the vagrant work at all?

Also, you didn't mention PyCharm version.


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