Documentation for inferred type


Is there a way to show docs for inferred type? Here is an example (Rust):

Next to the 's' variable IDEA will show the inferred type, 'str' here. Inferred types are usually nice, and the fact that IDEA allows to show inferred type in an non-obtrusive way is just another example why I often say that using other IDEs is like experiencing death by one hundred cuts. The problem here is that besides seeing inferred types I would like to show the documentation for them as well, which is normally available by invoking Ctrl+Q after placing the cursor inside the type name. I'm not able to locate such option. Did I miss something or should I create a feature request in JetBrains YouTrack?

The example above is for Rust, but the feature would be equally useful for other languages which support inferred types, e.g. Scala or latest Java versions (which allows local var inferrence AFAIK).


Hello Marcin,                                                      

Feel  free to create feature request on YouTrack:



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