Replace single <-> double qoutes for all array keys

Hey, I remember  the feature  of replacing all strings inside array when you click "Replace quotes"  been working sometime ago (maybe I'm wrong) but still.

Is it possible or should I process each key of the array separately? 

Alt + Enter on the key string -> Replace quotes and repeat it for each key?




Checked that up to version 2017.3 - no option to do that in bulk for PHP. 

I could suggest to use replace (ctrl+r) with regex here.


Hi there,

AFAIK "Php Inspections (EA Extended)" plugin offers an inspection for unnecessary double quoted strings. Since it's an Inspection that has an Intention/quick fix.. it should be possible to apply fix to all selected entries at once (if you run "Code | Inspect Code" or "Code | Run Inspection by Name" of course).


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