Python Console Crashing + Interpreter problem

Hi all,

I need your help with two problems I have:

  1. I previously posted that I suffer from a bug. When I press 'view as array' the console hangs and sometimes the whole software crashes. I still suffer this problem and I also have noticed that this bug happens for several data types and not just for data frames as I wrote in the past. should I update my Pycharm? (I use 2018.3.2x64) is 2019 stable version?
  2. let us say I open a new project and I want to copy virtual environment from other project, how can I do that? Can I just copy the venv folder from the other project and paste it in the new project's folder?




1. Depends. There's still an ongoing issue:

Relates to all arrays with more than 2 dimensions. Check if you're facing the same issue.

2. You can copy `venv` directory, then create a new project interpreter, and select "use existing environment", and point to python executable inside that venv. That should work.


about (1) - is this issue occur in the newer versions as well? or I can download version 1.1.2019?



Yes, according to the ticket, it's still in progress, and not fixed yet.


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