External Libraries indexing

Setup: PyCharm 2018.3.2, Windows 10, Ananaconda Distribution of python

When I run `python -m venv venv` to create a new virtual environment the `pyvenv.cfg` file assigns the home variable to be

home = C:\Anaconda3

This wrecks all kinds of havoc during indexing because PyCharm indexes EVERYTHING which includes a dozen conda virtual environments. Even without conda environments the Anaconda Distribution is huge.

The annoying thing is that this information is not that useful (I think but you can correct me).

Any help to turn off indexing of the home variable would be helpful.


To test, I activated another environment and used that to create a new virtual environment. The virtual environment shows up in external libraries and takes seconds to index.


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PyCharm 2018.x had some issues with Anaconda, which was fixed in 2019.x

Please try the latest version (Download PyCharm)

If the issue is still reproduced, please provide detailed steps to reproduce the issue starting from scratch.

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I have a similar question, using python (3.6.6) and PyCharm (2019.2). Though, its not with anaconda - I would like to exclude folders from "External Libraries". With in the project folder I have successfully excluded a data folder by marking the folder as "Excluded" and it then appears as orange. PyCharm is thereby not indexing this folder - which take quite a while - which is nice.
I have made a virtual environment where I have pip install local packages in editable mode (pip install -e). The data folder of these packages are therefore included in the projects external library which increases the indexing time a lot. I have tried the solution found for CLion - obvious with out luck. Also tried to add the folder paths to the exclude files under "Project Structure" with "/*" at the end. Can you help me with what I'm doing wrong? Or is there a different solution.

I should mention that I also have made a PyCharm project for the package that is pip installed in the virtual environment - in this project the data folder already is excluded.


File: "misc.xml"

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project version="4">
  <component name="ProjectRootManager" version="2" project-jdk-name="Python 3.6 (developer)" project-jdk-type="Python SDK" />
  <component name="CidrRootsConfiguration">
  <file path="/Users/emiltn/Dropbox/developer.new/orthorepo/orthorepo/img3dregistration/data" />


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@Emil Toft

Unfortunately that feature has not been implemented yet: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-33016

But we are working on implementing a lazy indexing which would make such issues obsolete.


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