JS: Event depreciated warning in inspector

HI I have this piece of code:

// in editor the "event" is stroked through 
// indicating that it is causing some problem
<div onclick="event.stopPropagation();">

In PHPstorm the inspection "JavaScript -> General -> Deprecated Java Script symbol" is triggered and it suggesting to refactor it. How should I change it?

Tried to find solution, but after few hours I have nothing - any suggestions?

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what is event in your code, where is it defined? Seems no definition can be found in your code, so the IDE resolves it to

/** @deprecated */
declare var event: Event | undefined;

in lib.dom.d.ts where it is, indeed, marked deprecated

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To my best understanding the "event" is a reserved JS keyword, for inline functions on html elements are used to pass the details of whatever happened (e.g. key or mouse button pressed to the handling function). I found this interesting post https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4968194/event-keyword-in-js which deals with similar issue and recommendation is to separate the data and JS, but I did not understand it fully.

So maybe lets go to practical use case, I use a serialization to store parts of the web-page in the JS variables and having handlers in DOM is very useful because I can handle everything as a single module and do not worry to re-attach all events after un-serialize. Since the live() function was depreciated in $ it seems the best way to handle this task. And also I would like to avoid changing it and refactoring all legacy code.

So, what's the recommendation for this case, or maybe I just should just drop the old way and invest into listening and binding events on the document level? 

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'event' is definitely not a keyword, but, indeed, it should be used to refer to Event object when using inline events. See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11265869/how-does-javascript-recogize-event-object-variables. But this is not considered a good practice currently (this is probably the reason for marking it deprecated in lib.*.d.ts provided by Microsoft)


Anyway, I'm not sure what can be done here on IDE end


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