How to disable autocompletion on schema names?


When I double click the left side bar to enter a table under a schema, it automatically run two commands -- 'use SCHEMA_NAME' and 'SELECT t.* FROM SCHEMA_NAME.TABLE_NAME t LIMIT 501'.


How can I disable the autocompletion of the SCHEMA_NAME, which allow me can do this operation only by run command like 'SELECT t.* FROM TABLE_NAME t LIMIT 501'?


We have a db proxy in our company and it will go wrong when execute command with SCHEMA_NAME prefix.


Thanks for the help.


Am I right that now you just can't get the data editor because generated queries don't work?


@ Maxim You're right. Is there any way to disable this feature? It's not necessary when I  configure the database in the datasource panel.


I found this issue:


But it seems that this option doesn't work when access a table via GUI.


Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this. Please follow the ticket:


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